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The newest welding machine.
Parallel synchronous welding technology.
Multilayer welding.

Unique synchronous welding structure, high welding precision, strength of ...
Used for all kinds of glazing bead cutting.

Cuts two pieces of glazing bead at one time with high efficiency.

Simple clamping, trimming device assures cutting precision.
Min. Order: 1
Used for mixing and coating two-component sealant.

Main pump is driven by hydraulic system.

Special adjustable matching device with proportional pump, static ...
Caster equipped on table surface to make glass move easily.

PLC control allows for automatic continuous rotation or substep rotation.

Vacuum chuck.

Technical Parameters ...
Min. Order: 1
Used for rough grinding and polishing of single glass edge.

It has water-spray device with waterproof belt.

Technical Parameters

Power supply: 380V/50H
Installed ...
Window cutting machine is used for aluminium profiles and PVC profiles cutting.

45 angle~ 90 angle~45 angle cutting.

Pneumatic drive, horizontal linear feeding, drive motor ...
Min. Order: 1
Door window welding machine is used for PVC door window welding.
Welding three, two or one corner, transom, cross transom and special angles.
Three heads can work ...
Min. Order: 1
Used for butyl sealant coating on two sides of Alu spacer frame.

Coating for straight line and arc shape, auto-control of sealant temperature.

PLC control.

Technical ...
Min. Order: 1

Crimps four corners of windows and unloads windows automatically.

Special locating and crimping design eliminates defects caused by fundamentally irregular ...
Min. Order: 1
1. The machine is composed of loading section, washing-drying section, inspection section, assemble aluminium spacers section, flat press section, unloading section and ...
Min. Order: 1
This machine is used for cutting aluminum profiles or glass fibre reinforced plastic profiles. It can complete positive 45 angle, negative 45 angle and 90 angle cutting.
Min. Order: 1
Window welding machine is used for PVC door-window welding.

Welding three-point, two or one corner, transom, cross transom and special angles. Three heads can work ...
Min. Order: 1
Used for welding four corners of PVC windows at one time.

Simultaneous press-welding technoligy, high welding intensity and dimension error autocompensation.

CNC control, ...
Used for aluminum door-window corner-key cutting.

Horizontal feeding takes linear guide rail as direction, uses air-liquid convertor to assure stable cutting speed.

PLC ...
Used for -50 ~90~50 degree cutting

Suitable for profiles with thicknesses: 0~100mm, and lengths: 0~3500mm.

Technical Parameters
Power supply: 380V/5oHz
Air pressure: ...
Used for PVC door-window welding.

Welding four corners at one time, single and double transom, cross trasom and special angles.Processes all fuctions of four, three-, two-, ...
This machine is the latest automatic vertical line for insulating glass suitable for both aluminium spacer and superspacer. Its clever design allows one machine to produce both ...
Min. Order: 1
Door window welder is used for PVC door-window welding.

Welding two-point, one point, transom, cross-transom and special angles. Two heads can work simultaneously, individually ...
Min. Order: 1 set
Window welder is used for welding PVC door -window.
Excellent heat distribution, and high welding accuracy.
Accommodates 30° --180° Arch windows and special shape ...
Min. Order: 1